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Metro Deaf School
Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Board Info & Members

2021-2022 Board Members

Melissa Albert
Board President

Sara Klarstrom

Mark Zangara
Member at Large

Susan Lane-Outlaw

Amanda Rausch
Vice President

Joletta Lee
Teacher Representative

Isaac Roang


Justin Barlow

Jena Bury
Teacher Representative


Board Information

The MDS Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility to establish and maintain a basic organizational structure for the school, meet federal and state mandates for public schools, appoint director/s, adopt an annual budget, and create a climate that promotes educational excellence. Consequently, the school board initiate educational policies at the local level and have a responsibility for implementing a variety of state and federal policies. These boards provide important administrative oversight relative to the educational policies and programs they institute; play a central role in establishing systems and processes to ensure the school system's fiscal, programmatic, and outcome accountability; and undertake broad human resource functions that include making crucial decisions regarding the district's top-level leadership and key staff. Finally, school board provides leadership for the school, adopting a unifying vision and mission, soliciting and balancing the participation and input of members of the community, and advocating on behalf of the educational needs of children at the local, state, and national levels.

The board functions as legislative, executive, and quasi-judicial agencies. They must develop, implement, and assess policy; institute sound employee relations; conduct open meetings; recognize and conform to the legal mandates imposed by state and federal laws; and govern within the limits of a delegation of state authority. Additionally, the board has an obligation to assess its successes and failures; inform the public of all deliberations and decisions; promote accountability; avoid abuse of power; enhance public understanding of its mission; conform to standards of ethical behavior; provide a framework for setting goals; and develop strategic plans for the accomplishment of those goals. A copy of the Board's governing documents can be found here. (Updated 4.27.2020)

The board publishes an Annual Report that details how MDS continues to be accountable for the education is provides. A copy of the Annual Report for the 2020-2021 school year can be found here. The MDS Accountability Handbook, which provides more detail regarding how MDS remains accountable, can be found here.